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This Is Why Your Inquiries Won't Come Off Your Equifax Credit Report!!!

Rivera v Equifax Case

This is a case called Rivera v. Equifax. Where a man named Francisco Rivera found an inquiry on his credit report with Equifax that he didn't recognize and disputed multiple times to no avail. He eventually sued Equifax for FCRA violations and won.

Equifax's Failure To Perform A Proper Reinvestigation

And it's not just that Equifax was reporting the account in error, they also refused to do anything about it (like remove it/fix the issue). They just kept telling Rivera that he needed to take it up with "Hughes" (the furnisher of the inquiry).

Equifax Is A Lier!!!

If you've ever disputed your credit report in writing with Equifax, you may have gotten a response the one below, stating that they reviewed your inquiry information and inquiries are a factual record of file access... Well this is a LIE (according to this case)!!!

Always Dispute In Writing And Leverage The Law

As you can see form then next excerpt below, Equifax was proven to have lied about reviewing the dispute and contacting the company reporting the information to Equifax. This is why it is always better to dispute in writing (so you can get these false responses out of the bureaus... as "evidence"/"proof" of claim against them) and if they falsely verify the account to request a "detailed description of their reinvestigation procedure" under the FCRA 15 USC1681(6)(B)(iii).

Build A Case Against The Bureau

By continuing the dispute process and escalating it to a lawsuit or forcing what's called "arbitration" (get my "Guide To Arbitration Disputing"), you put yourself in the best position to get the account deleted and be awarded compensation for damages and violations of the FCRA federal law. This is the true credit repair process.

Additional Case Study Material

Below are some addition excerpts that reiterate my point regarding this case and how these bureaus and their polices and procedures directly violate your rights as a consumer. But you have to be able to build a proper case agains the bureaus to prove that they did in fact infringe upon your rights. This is why I encourage you to either get signed up with my Mentorship Academy or for my Credit Repair Services.

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