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Credit Repair Secret Strategy Tip - Update Your Personal Information!!!

One of the best ways to insure your chances that accounts get deleted from your credit report is, before you start disputing accounts, UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

Why? Because the bureaus use a “data matching system” whenever they investigate and verify your disputes. This system is called eOSCAR.

eOSCAR basically matches certain personal identifiers like your name, date of birth, ssn, address and more to verify if the account in dispute is accurate or not. The more data that matches between the account in disoute and the personal information on your credit report, the more likely the chances are that the account in dispute will be "verified as accurate" (and vice versa).

They are basically using the data that you use when you fill out an application for a credit product. So if you've used different names and addresses over time to apply for multiple credit products then that information will eventually populate onto your credit report. Hence the reason you may see multiple variations of your name, address, employer, etc.

In order to "trick the system" into not being able to verify those negative accounts you are trying to get deleted, you have to, in essence, separate them (data wise) from matching the information on your credit report.

This is why updating your personal information is so vital in the process. You need to update the information on your credit report to reflect a single, current name, address, date of birth, employer, etc.

Sometimes you may need to contact the lenders that you currently have open accounts with and make sure that they are reporting all of your current personal information correctly. This is because they are the ones reporting not just your account information to the bureaus every month (whether you're on time or late, what your utilization ratio is, etc) but also your personal information on the account as well.

The article is titled "How to Update Your Credit Report With New Personal Information". It's a great read and I recommend you check it out.

The problem is that most people don't have the patience to lay the ground irk before jumping head first into the dispute process. I get it! But it doesn't make a difference. You can either make things easier for yourself or harder.

I believe that things should be measured by how effective they are. I also don't believe in reinventing the wheel. This is why architects have blueprints. If you just follow the blueprint you will get the desired results. It will actually happen by default. By osmosis. Lol.

Make sure to update your personal information before you start the dispute process to increase your chances of getting those negative accounts removed. More importantly, understand WHY this process is necessary. That way it doesn't seem arbitrary to you.

This is chess not checkers. You have to think strategically and you have to think ahead. The bureaus are your "enemy". They are not your friends. You are their product as a consumer. Well, at least your data is their product. Your financial data might I add.

To be continued...

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