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Use this guide to update your personal information on your credit report fast to get results with deleting negative accounts. Negative accounts are normally verified by the credit bureaus because they use an automated data matching system called eOSCAR (which you cannot freeze) to investigate your disputes. So you need to make sure that the personal information on your credit report is not connected to the accounts that you are trying to remove.


This guide includes a sample script that you can use over the phone to have this information updated within 24 to 48 hours. Also included is a sample letter as well. 


The key to making all of this happen as fast as you can so that you cna begin the dispute process is to make sure that you are using this method and reaching out to the original creditor(s). Contrary to popular belief, updating your personal information with the credit bureaus is not the fastest way to get your personal information updated. 


Purchase and follow this guide and you will see better results with getting your personal information updated in a timely fashion. Results will vary and will depend on your persistence and ability to persuade the representative on the phone to work with you. 


Remember, you are exercising your rights as a consumer under the FCRA to have your information reported accurately and completely. 

Personal Information Update Guide

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