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Introducing the Credit Repair Master Bundle, your comprehensive toolkit for transforming your financial landscape. This bundle comprises over 20 invaluable products, meticulously crafted to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to supercharge your personal credit profile.


Dive deep into proven methods, insider secrets, and expert advice to repair, rebuild, and optimize your creditworthiness, unlocking the doors to financial freedom and success. Whether you're an individual looking to secure better loans and financial opportunities or an entrepreneur seeking to boost your personal credit to secure business funding, this bundle is your ultimate guide to mastering the art of credit and financial empowerment.


  1. Factual Dispute Masteclass Video Tutorial 1 Hour 31 min
  2. Hard Inquiry Removal Tutorial Video 27 Min
  3. How To Beat Debbt Collectors Video Tutorial 57 Min
  4. How To Remove A Bankruptcy 43 Min Video Tutorial
  5. 24 Hour Hard Inquiry Removal Script (Original Creditor) + Sample Letter
  6. 24 Hour inquiry Removal EBook
  7. 24 hour Late Payment Removal Script (Original Creditor during declared emergency) 
  8. CoachKeem's 30 Day Credit Repair Guide
  9. CoachKeems Guide To The Perfect Credit Profile
  10. Credit Repair AI Toolkit
  11. Credit Repair Master Guide Ebook
  13. FDCPA and TILA Violation Dispute Letter Kit
  14. Guide To Arbitration Disputing Ebook
  15. Hard Inquiry Credit Bureau Fraud Department Script
  16. Hard Inquiry Dispute Letter
  17. Hard Inquiry Removal Phone Script  
  18. How To Get Out Of ChexSystem
  19. Pay For Delete Sample Letter
  20. Personal Information Sample Dispute Letter & Script 
  21. Personal Information Sample Letter
  22. Secret Lenders List
  23. Transuninon response letter
  24. Ultimate Debt Validation Letter

Credit Repair Master Bundle

$20.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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