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Remove late payments in 24 hours using this script that leverages a certaint section of the FCRA to accommodate the removal of late payments during a declared emergency.


You have until November to utilize this section of the FCRA to get those late payments removed.


This will only work on late payments that are connected to open accounts. And it requires you to make a phone call Use the script (2 pages) as a guide to call the original creditor on the phone (do not send a good will letter).


You may need to call more than once if you do not get the right rep on the phone that is cooperative. Just call back until you get one that is more understanding. Persistence is keep. And be nice. 


*Results may vary and are not guranteed. 

** No refund for digital products.

24 Hour LatePayment Removal Script

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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