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Metro2 Dispute Masterclass

Learn the secrets of the Metro2 Dispute Method and how to sue the bureaus for non-compliance.

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What Is Metro2

& What Does It Have To Do With Disputing

Metro2 is an industry standard of data communication between the credit reporting agencies and data furnishers/lenders. Metro2 is a compliance policy credit by the CDIA in response to the FCRA.

Are you tired of sending dispute letters and not getting any results?

Class Overview

Below are the topics that will be gone over during the Masterclass!!!



Learn the applicable laws that govern the consumer dispute process specifically. 

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Pulling & Analyzing Your Credit Reprots

Learn how to properly pull and analyze your credit report fo errors.


Metro2 Compliance Manual

Learn about the manual that governs the compliance of accurate and complete reporting.


Drafting Dispute Letters

Learn how to properly word your dispute letters for maximum results.

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Consumer Case Law

Review cases that were successfully brought by consumers against the bureaus for noncompliance

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Responding To The Credit Bureaus

Learn how to reply to, file complaints and bring a suit against the bureaus for noncompliance. 

The dispute process is about trapping the bureaus in their own compliance policy!

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