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CoachKeem's Mentorship Academy

Lifetime Access! Learn How To Start And Run Your Own Credit Repair Organization!

If you want to learn how to work remotely from anywhere in the world while making a livable income, then this is the Mentorship for you!

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I'm Going To Teach You EVERYTHING I Know!

In this Mentorship I'm going to give you the "sauce" on EVERYTHING from how to set up your LLC to how to get your clients, which software to use or how to generate letters on your own, digital marketing strategies and so much more...

What We'll Cover

1 / How To Start Your Credit Repair Organization

To be as compliant with the law, you will want to set up some sort of separate legal entity from yourself personally.

Dispute Tactics To Remove Negatives

We will be going over and reviewing different dispute tactics that can be used to try to get various types of accounts deleted for your clients

3 / Digital Marketing Strategies

In order for you to grow your credit repair business, you will need to market your services. What I specialize in is digital marketing for credit repair. 

4 / Software & Manual Disputing

There are plenty of credit repair software companies that you can use to generate your dispute letters or you can generate them manually if you want. Either way is up to you.

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Start & Run Your Own Credit Repair Company


You Can Do This Part Time Or Full Time!!!

You can start this type of business even if you have a job or career. Then once you are able to supplement that income and some, then you may want to do this full time. Or you can come in "guns a blazin" and start this business as a full time profession. 

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Work From Anywhere

This business can literally run itself and you can work from anywhere in the world.

You + Membership
= Exclusivity

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Weekly Live Online

Meet Ups

Live  classes are one hour, Wed & Sat @ 8pm EST. Playback of each class provided to members.

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Private Facebook Group/Community

Once you join the Mentorship, you will be added to the private group/community


Private WhatsApp Group

For a more daily and personal community connection, you will also be added to the private text chat.

Grow Your Social Media

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Scale To 5 Figures A Month

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Scale To 6 Figures A Year

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Best Value

Mentorship Academy



Every month

Register Now

Valid until canceled

2 Weekly One Hour Online Meet Ups

Online Members Forum Access

WhatsApp Text Group Access

Online/Social Media Marketing Strategies & Tips

Discounts On Digital Products & More

First Hand Access To Exclusive Content, Blogs, Videos & More

Access To Free Materials, Documents, Links & More

Lifetime Access To All Of The Above And More...

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